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MiVue™ 588 Best product Russia PC WORLD
MiVue™ 588 Touch Best Buy Poland PC WORLD
MiVue™ 538 Deluxe Magazine Choice Poland PC WORLD
MiVue™ 518 Best buy Russia Mir PC

MiVue™ 588 Touch Excellent Czech Republic Stereo&Video
MiVue™ 568 Touch Winner of Best Capabilities Poland Motor
MiVue™ 538 Best Performance Poland PC World
MiVue™ 388 Reccomended Product Poland AGDlab.pl
MiVue™ 358 Extra Tip Czech Republic Extra PC
MiVue™ 358 Smart Buy Czech Republic Extrahardware.cz

MiVue™ 388 Best Buy Poland PC World
MiVue™ 388 Product of The Year 2013 Poland PC World
MiVue™ 358 Very good Czech Republic CHIP

MiVue™ 238 Product of the Year 2012 Russia CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO – 2012