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Press Conference prior to the Mio Cup Ali Shan Bicycle Race

The Mio Cup Ali Shan Bicycle Race, a big event in the cycling world, sponsored by MiTAC International Corporation’s leading GPS brand Mio, held a press conference on October 30 before the start of the 2008 race. The press conference was attended by MiTAC general manager Billy Ho, senior committee member of Sport Affairs Council Kuo-tung Ho and Taiwan Cyclist Federation Board Director Chun-fa.


During the conference, the establishment of the Mio Bicycle Team was formally announced. Thirty Mio colleagues have formed an elite team to face the challenges of the Ali Shan race. During his speech MiTAC general manager Billy Ho, presented a flag and concluded by saying: “This bicycle event matches the Mio brand spirit – ‘explore more™’ and ‘change people’s world perspective’”.  


With the aim of promoting cycling, the conference was also attended by top competitors from various countries who will be taking part in the races, these included: Wen-chin Kuo, who participated in the Olympic Games and World Championship; the son of American Specializes general manager, Anthony Sinyard; 2008 Mt. Fuji Hill Climbing champion for “Team Fuji Taiwan-lintaman” and Huai Cheng who took part in the Deaflympics,

2100 Bikes Speed towards Ali Shan

At 7am on the November 1 2008, 2106 cyclists gathered together in a baseball field in the shadow of Ali Shan to participate in one of the toughest bike races in Asia. The Mio Cup Ali Shan Bicycle Race pushed riders to their limits of physical strength and endurance and many would not make it. 


The Ali Shan race is a total of 76 km set over three stages; the first 15 km is considered a warm up, as slopes become steeper and the air becomes thinner as the altitude increases. Riders try not to think of what lies ahead as the challenges become greater.

By the third stage three riders, Yin-chih Wang, Chun-kai Feng and Te-ming Lin, have taken a convincing lead and start the final 15km ascent. With just 10km left Te-ming Lin drops out, leaving Wang and Feng to battle it out to the summit.


With just a half a bike lead it was Wang, from the Hsinchu “e-ma” bicycle team, who pushed past the finishing post first in 2 hours 19 minutes and 50 seconds. Of his win Wang said “I’ve prepared for a long time to do combat with Ali Shan, and I finally made it!”

Second place Feng said of his defeat “I have been ‘second place’ three times recently. It’s ok, I will go all out to win the race next year, and regain my reputation.” 


Of the 2106 initial riders, 1600 made it past the finishing post including 26 members of the MITAC Mio team, showing just how tough this race was.