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Mio Cross Team Members

Lp. Surname and name Function
1 Wiśniewska Ewa competitor
2 Ostrowska Wioletta pilot
3 Kosikowski Krzysztof competitor
4 Korc Artur pilot
5 Groszkowski Henryk competitor
6 Świąder Arkadiusz pilot
7 Łożyński Piotr competitor
8 Czopek Piotr pilot
9 Wegner Przemysław competitor
10 Garczarek Arkadiusz pilot
11 Zając Andrzej competitor
12 Flak Dariusz pilot
13 Adrian Juszczyk competitor
14 Dariusz Nowak pilot
15 Emil Stopierzyński competitor
16 Łukasz Tunkiewicz pilot
17 Jurek Mirosław trainer
18 Stawiński Jerzy mechanic


Polish tandem cyclists belong to the world’s elite. In the last few years our team members have won numerous medals in top-class competitions. Their key achievements include: gold medal for the Kosikowski - Korc tandem at the World Road Racing Championship, Switzerland 2006, and the European Championship, Holland 2005, silver medal for the Kosikowski - Płotkowiak tandem at the European Championship, the Czech Republic 2003, and the historic first appearance by Polish tandem cyclists at the Paralympics Games in 2004. However, our cyclists’ greatest success is the first place won by Korc - Kosikowski at the World Championship in Bordeaux in 2007. The athletes finished the 108.9 km race from a common start as much as 1 minute and 24 seconds faster than second place and thus gained a front-runner position for the upcoming Paralympics Games in Beijing. This is yet another - the third - victory by this team at a top-class competition.

Members of the Mio Cross Team won three, first places in the general classification of EUROPEAN PARA-CYCLING CUP 2008. Traditionally, all the competitions were composed of two races: an individual time challenge and a group start. The European Cup is accountable to IPC (International Paralympics Committee) and UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale).

Our cyclists demonstrated that they were in great physical shape during all competitions. These competitions great preparation for the Beijing Paralympics. They were helpful not only as way of increasing physical performance, but also the technical and tactical skills of our participants. Throughout the European Cup our cyclists gained a lot of experience in training, equipment and …