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A Golden Time

For the last 2 years Mio have been sponsoring the Mio Cross Team, a team of cyclists who empower visually impaired people to compete in international cycling events, by using tandem bikes with a sighted person up front. They were created as a result of the cooperation of the Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism – Cross and the Mio.

Mariusz Manowski, General Director for the CEE region, Mio Technology, says: “Disability does mean that people have to resign from living their lives to the fullest. There are many examples of exceptional people from all over the world, who show us the potential hidden in human beings and prove that thanks to the strength of character we can overcome many obstacles. Mio Technology support for the team of blind and visually impaired cyclists in order to make it easier for them to make their wishes come true, including their greatest dreams, such as taking part in the Paralympic Games.”

It’s been a busy 3 years for the Mio Cross Team, having spent the time training and entering races, they won in Poland and then in the Beijing Paralympics they took the gold. Mio couldn’t be prouder of the team they sponsor.


In the last few years our team members have won numerous medals in top-class competitions.

Cyclists Race Position
Flak  - Zając Paralympics  - Beijing 2008 Gold
Flak  - Zając Poland 2008 Gold
Kosikowski - Korc World Championship -  Bordeaux 2007 1st
Kosikowski - Korc World Road Racing Championship - Switzerland 2006 Gold
Kosikowski - Korc European Championship -  Holland 2005 Gold
Kosikowski - Płotkowiak European Championship - Czech Republic 2003. Silver